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We are the supplement to dietary supplements.

Novalabs provides full-service contract manufacturing and product development for everyone who sees more potential in their own product.

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We are the dependable way to your product. We produce dietary supplements in powder form and fill your capsules any way you want them. From past experience, our team knows your needs and requirements in all phases. That is why Novalabs is completely focused on helping ideas become products. We can produce small to large quantities, depending on what our customers need. Our production provides you with the highest quality, and our communication is transparent throughout the entire process. Novalabs is your partner – a one-stop shop where you can get the full potential out of your products.

We are everything that your dietary supplement needs.

Nahrungsergänzungsmittel Produktion, Reinraumproduktion, Kapseln
Nahrungsergänzungsmittel Produktion, Reinraumproduktion, Kapseln

What you can expect from your product:

You can compile your formulation from hundreds of verified raw materials.
We perform a precise check of formulations before starting production.
Problem free
Fast, comprehensive customer service from the offer to delivery.
Produced in Austria
Produced according to the highest quality standards (ISO22000 and IFS Food) in cleanroom conditions.
High quality
All raw materials and ingredients are subject to the highest quality standards and are subjected to external, independent laboratory tests.
We can also produce your products organically with ORGANIC certification.


Do you already have an idea about your product? Make the decision to utilize us, and we will make the rest of the decisions easier for you. We help our customers with product development, production, made-to-order production, optimization, and marketing.

  • Excellent quality
  • Complete transparency
  • Clear communication
  • Extensive expertise
  • Personal service
  • Direct contact

Your product – the way you want it

We make it easy for you to start with your own product or to develop new products: an easy start with straightforward collaboration. We can help with your concept even in small amounts, and you will receive your production offer from us within 24 hours. Guaranteed.

  • Free configuration 
  • Offer within 24 hours

Let’s talk about your product!

We can design your product whether it is a capsule or powder. You can completely trust us as a full-service contract manufacturer.

Contact us, and let’s get started.

DI David Schweiger & DI Christian Gubik Geschäftsführer Novalabs, Team
DI David Schweiger & DI Christian Gubik Geschäftsführer Novalabs, Team

What is our strongest active ingredient? We are.

An idea is just not enough to successfully put dietary supplements on the market. It takes knowledge, understanding, flexibility, the right raw materials, sufficient production capacity, and time. However, more than anything else you need partners, and people that you like to collaborate with. Our most important principles are workflows with complete transparency, high-speed, and extensive expertise along with personal service. Novalabs meets all these requirements and more. We are the supplement to dietary supplements.

I have not experienced short reaction times and even sometimes quick information on the phone anywhere else!"

Roman Sixl myBodyshape

At Novalabs, I can trust in the quality of the products and the great service!"

Olivia Haidinger Supsentials

Everything is done under one roof from product development to the finished supplement."

Christian Lanz mindhero GmbH