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Your partner for producing dietary supplements

We see ourselves as partners to our customers and have many years of experience with developing and marketing dietary supplements. Full service is our standard, and we know our customers’ needs because of our own experience.

That is why we create the best conditions for producing dietary supplements for our customers: transparency, service, quality, and our total commitment.

Contract manufacturing and made-to-order production

Large customers established on the market and newcomers to the world of dietary supplements come to us when they want to put a product on the market or would like to have it produced dependably. Starting with the customer’s product idea, we do everything under one roof from raw material selection to delivery. We cover the entire manufacturing process, transposing ideas into functioning formulas and making them into popular products. Everything is produced in-house in Graz, Austria. The production processes and the communication with our customers that are required are transparent and professional at all times.

Product development

You don’t have a product yet? We can develop your formulation with you from raw materials.

Our focus is always the guaranteed best solution for our customers. This also means that we fine-tune existing formulations or manufacture innovative products customized to new needs. Together with our customers, we create products that fit perfectly to their range of products and strategy.

Are you ready to get started with your product?

You can rely on us when you are selecting the partner for producing your dietary supplements. We would also be glad to give you advice in an initial consultation. At no charge.

Project phases of a project at Novalabs

Based on your product idea, we develop, produce, package, and label your desired product with the highest quality and transparency, completely in line with your product specifications.

Our collaboration begins with a few questions for you so that we can answer your inquiry in a way that is careful and knowledgeable. In the beginning, we clarify your desires so that your product can be planned. You can also use our product inquiry form to do this.


Processing your inquiry

We check and calculate your product with your desired formulation and packaging. You can rest assured that Novalabs will also give you input in this phase if your product is not completely developed yet or needs to be redeveloped. In this step, we also verify what is necessary to put your product on the market and what is required to label it. In conclusion, you will receive a non-binding offer with precise information.

YOU receive an OFFER
Fine tuning

Your contact person at our company is always available for discussions, changes, and any further questions you may have. In this step, we verify when the next production slot is open for your product. However, the finished product specifications are sent to you along with all important notifications before your order goes into production. Then the necessary labeling information is also determined, and we are glad to label and package your products.


Production begins when the label is correct, and the order is confirmed. The milestones in the process are communicated to you at all times according to the project plans. With us, you know exactly what is happening with your product whether it is starting production or if it is ready to ship.


When production is done and the packaging in the packaging that you specified has been completed, your product is subjected to a final check and is prepared for shipping. At your request, we ship directly from our fulfillment center to Amazon or on-demand to your warehouse when you place an order.



We continually create the best solutions to meet our customers’ requirements and cover all necessary aspects in-house at our location in Graz, Austria. Novalabs’ services at a glance: 

Product development
Adaptation or complete redevelopment of formulations
Contract filling & production
Production of dietary supplements in powder form
Marketability reports
Legal protection by reviewing formulations and labels
Registration with the BVL
Product registration with the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety
Laboratory report on raw material quality
Precise analysis of ingredients (concentration, bacterial growth, heavy metal contamination, etc.)
Organic certification
Help on the path to getting organic certification for your dietary supplements
Label checks
Inspection and approval of all information on labels
Tasting workshops
Taste optimization for powder blends on site at Novalabs or by packet
Amazon advice
Analysis, evaluation, and verification of content, keywords, etc.
Online shop advice
Individual strategies & preparation for sale and distribution online
Shipment to customers or to an Amazon warehouse; we have the right partners for this as well
Would you like to find out how Novalabs could produce your product in a reliable transparent way exactly according to your wishes?
Contact David Schweiger, one of our managing directors.