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Whether it is a capsule or powder:

We can make your product for you.

We are here to make it easy for you to choose a producer for your products. Together we develop everything that you need: your formulation, consistency, taste, appearance, and packaging. At your request, we would be glad to also provide you with our expertise for a successful market launch and distribution via Amazon. Novalabs makes it possible for you to implement a precise plan for every development phase of dietary supplements.

Our range of services includes developing and made-to-order production of dietary supplements in powder form. We customize everything to your needs: whether we are producing new developments of your own formulations or standard formulations as a private label. We help you with all of your ideas and with producing your dietary supplements.

Your product – the way you want it.

We make it easy for you to start with your own product or to develop new products: an easy start with straightforward collaboration. We can help with your concept even in small amounts. With our configurator, you can compile your product yourself, and you will receive your production offer from us within 24 hours. Guaranteed.


  • Offer within 24 hours
  • Individual point of contact


Our hard-shelled capsules are available in white or transparent in sizes 0 and 00. Upon request, we also offer a wide range of other capsule colors. In general, we encapsulate powder in cellulose capsules that are suited for vegan products.

We are glad to give you advice about the ideal format and the best filling quantity for your capsules.

Every capsule will be just like it is supposed to be. Whether you desire your capsules to be packed loosely in bottles or in blister packs, we can provide you with various sizes and types of packaging exactly how you would like it. If you would like to take care of the final packaging yourself, we can also deliver the capsules to you in bulk.

We can help you not only with selecting the correct packaging but also with all of your questions about putting your products on the market.

Our service can make it easier for you to make decisions, and we can give you advice in every area about the optimal solution for your product.


For dietary supplements in powder form, it is important to have excellent solubility, ideal consistency, and a good taste. When you compile your powder, you can either use proven formulations and blends from our list, or you can optimize and customize them. We can also help you develop and produce a completely new formulation with raw materials that you choose. You can rest assured that detailed tests, taste checks, and the right packaging are part of our offer.

At our production facility in Graz, we blend and refine your dietary supplements in powder form for lifestyle and health products according to your requirements. In addition to manufacturing, we also offer you filling and packaging in containers for your end customers. We can help you select the correct packaging and can help with all of your questions about putting your products on the market.

Product portfolio

What would you like to have? Your own formulation, a completely new product, or a private-label blend. Novalabs can help with all of your ideas, which gives you added value.

Health and the immune system
Protein blends
Powder blends
Weight loss and beauty (fat burners, complexion, hair, etc.)
Shakes (excluding protein shakes and health shakes)
Powder blends
Supplements for everyday life (concentration, sleep, etc.)
Cooking additives, etc.
Powder blends


You can select standard formulations from an extensive list for your private-label products in addition to the option of developing your own new formulations with us. We would also be glad to help you adapt existing formulations from our list. All formulations are verified by an external laboratory.

You can rely on our expertise and our experience whether you select a standard formulation or develop your own with us.

Rest assured that we will also produce existing formulations exactly in line with your specifications.


A good product needs the right packaging to communicate your brand. Packaging makes a decisive, convincing impression.

You can receive dietary supplements in powder form from us in containers, bags, or pouches. We offer large quantities of capsules as bulk goods or packaged in bottles or blister packs.

According to your requirements, we utilize the best quality packaging, labels, and shipping cartons made of various materials. Upon request, we also create individual packaging concepts for product bundles.


Make the decision to use us: It makes all of your other decisions easier. Trust is paramount when it comes to selecting a partner. You can find out more about our process here so that you feel secure with us.

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