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The DS for DSs.

Our mission is to improve DS production.

We offer you customized help, extensive expertise, and production that is transparent just like our communication. Our customers can focus on their core business and do not need to struggle with supplier problems. Novalabs offers the best conditions for producing high-quality products. We are not just another provider or another option. We are a secure decision. We are what is necessary.

We are not just capsules, powder, a contract filler, or a producer. We are something new.

We do not just do work for our customers; we work with them. We founded Novalabs to make it easy to choose a producer. Our service is for anyone who wants to make more out of their product: from supplementing to expanding. With our total commitment, high quality, and many options.

With everything that is necessary. The DS for DSs. Novalabs.


Our vision

Your first choice. The right decision. Europe’s best dietary supplement producer.

That is our claim. If you want your dietary supplements to be successfully produced without any problems, you can come to Novalabs. We work together with our customers as partners. We are partners to help you on your way, provide support with our experience, and will advance you and your product. With everything we have. But first and foremost with what it really takes. We see ourselves as the ideal supplement for anyone who would like to have their dietary supplements produced.

Your partner to reach your goals.

A producer for new approaches.

We stand behind DSs that you can stand behind.

Christian and David founded Novalabs in 2020. Both of them have been close friends for years. Both of them have successfully established their own companies and distributed dietary supplements. Both of them repeatedly encountered the same problems: Supplier processes were often inflexible, out of date, were not transparent, and often could not meet their requirements. They unsuccessfully searched for the ideal producer for a long time. Then they decided to become the best producer themselves.

Their common problem turned into a company that combines successful product development, many years of experience with suppliers, and the owners’ perspectives: Novalabs. When one partner at Novalabs knows what to do, the other partner knows how to do it in the best way. They like to exchange views to further develop themselves and their own methods. David and Christian are a team at Novalabs, and they complement each other perfectly.

  • Excellent quality
  • Clear communication
  • Personal service
  • Extensive expertise
  • Direct contact
  • Complete transparency

Are you ready to get started with your product?

We would be glad to advise you in an initial consultation free of charge. You can rely on us when you are selecting a partner to produce your dietary supplements.

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